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Last updated 29th October 2019.


Your privacy is important. This website is created using WordPress so I can and will access general information about you as my website user (location, time spent on page, pages visited) and this will be shared with third parties and advertisers. I cannot access (and so will never share) any personal details of yours such as your name, address or age. Even if you do choose to share these details with me (via email, social media comments, website comments, your own WordPress account), they will never be stored or shared without your direct permission. I don’t use third party digital tools like Google Analytics. This website will link to others – I cannot be responsible for the privacy policies of these sites.


Sponsored posts may be created on this site but will be labelled as so with their category and/or tags. Brands and products that are reviewed will be done so with complete honesty – in these circumstances free goods or services may have been received in order for the review to be carried out.


I cannot be held responsible for the content shared in any posts (sponsored or not) that features other companies, brands, products, services or individuals. All information is shared as correct at time of posting and may not be updated in the future if changes occur. If you do spot any mistakes or information regarding your own business that you would like updating, please get in touch.


I am a digital influencer and this is a personal blog documenting my own experiences of being a parent. All posts and comments from myself (or others) should be treated as opinion and never fact or official advice. Warwickshire Mama (Rebecca Rimmer Givens) will not be held accountable for any actions taken based on information absorbed from this website, which should not be treated as a reliable source of information. Please always seek the advice of someone professionally trained and/or qualified to help (a professional body, organisation, service, charity, support network, health visitor, midwife, GP or other).


All content posted on this website and its social media feeds is copyright of Rebecca Rimmer Givens – no words or images must be taken from this website and used elsewhere (those that are will be subject to a fee). All photography shared will either be my own, free to use (e.g. via Unsplash) or will be used with the direct permission of the photographer and/or brand I’m working with.