A group of children dip their hands into a box of paint

Family fun from home with the Museum of London’s activities

I came across a link today that I had to share with fellow parents! I’ve been scouting out things to do in London with kids as we are due to visit next month for a family wedding, and whilst browsing the website for the Museum of London, found a webpage jam-packed with activities to do from home.

Sing-a-long videos, craft ideas, messy play inspiration and downloadable games.. they’ve thought of everything. I wish I’d found this back in March at the start of lockdown!

We love welcoming families to our museums, but you don’t need to visit to enjoy the fun. Here are some great ways to play and learn at home!

The Museum of London

When keeping toddlers and small children entertained from home, this often entails 90% prep and break down and 10% of the actual activity. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always worth the effort, but I really love that some of the ideas on this site include simple prompts to encourage discussion or exploration that is free from setting anything up or spending any money. There’s something for every single time constraint and budget!

Visit the Museum of London ‘Fun learning at home’ page to explore more.

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