Multi-sensory show for under 5s at Warwick Arts Centre

A young girl presses her hand up against a blue sheet with shadow behind

I can’t believe my little person is nearly one!

We’ve planned a whole week of birthday fun which concludes with something so perfect, a production taking place at Warwick Arts Centre this February which is designed for babies and toddlers.

All Wrapped Up by Oily Cart is a brand new show which uses light, shadow and (of course) imagination to immerse young children in the magic of live theatre.

An actress is seen as a shadow behind a textured sheet

The 55 minute experience uses sensory sounds and scrunched up wrapping paper to create a dream-like world of wonder, shapes and fun. It’s a “fully inclusive” show meaning all ages are welcome.

Children’s theatre company Oily Cart do “all sorts of shows for all sorts of kids”. They have been making productions for tiny people since 1981, with a focus on including the very young and those with disabilities, those on the spectrum, and those who are sensory impaired.

Our first trip to the theatre over Christmas was spectacular and I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to now celebrate my son’s first year on earth. I will report back, of course!

Read more about the show on the OC website or book tickets via Warwick Arts Centre.

The words ALL WRAPPED UP created from scrunched up paper