Rhyme Time at Warwick Library

One of the first things that got me out of the house as a new mum was Warwick Library’s free song session for babies.

When you’ve just had your first baby, it can take a while before you feel ready (and organised enough) to face doing stuff. Stuff that before you had kids was a doddle.

Depending on how you are recovering yourself and how quickly you’ve managed to master feeding (and the other million and one things that come along with bringing a tiny person into the world), getting up and out of the house for the first time can be a big deal.

After my c-section, I really did take it easy, and wasn’t ready to think about organised classes or grand days out for about 6 weeks. Eventually, when I was feeling physically ready to tackle the pram, car seat and so on, I agreed to meet some mums I knew at Warwick Library’s Rhyme Time, a free event that takes place every week.

Parents and babies sit together and sing songs and rhymes with their 0-2 year olds. The session takes place on Thursdays 9.30am-10am and then again at 11am-11.30am. There are a ton of these weekly events for babies and children that take place at Warwickshire’s local libraries at different times, on different days.

As well as being a casual, relaxed atmosphere, with babies of all ages, the session is free and you can come and go as you please – just what you need if you have a new baby that might get hungry or tired quickly.

When I went along for the first time and the session had ended, I hung around to feed my baby, and even looked at some books for myself once he’d fallen asleep. My first proper day out with my baby reminded me how important it is to take it slow, how liberating it can be to feel part of the community, and how lucky we are to have free communal buildings like libraries that can give us some sense of warmth when we’re still settling back into our place out there in the big, bad world.

Times and dates of all children’s activities can be browsed online at warwickshire.gov.uk.

Photo by Robyn Budlender on Unsplash